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Chipper grew up surrounded by graphic arts as his father, Bob Thompson, was a noted local professional artist. Bob was highly influenced by N.C. Wyeth and Eric Sloane, among others, and Chipper had plenty of opportunities to absorb the great illustrations and poster art of previous generations. When Chipper married Lanford Monroe, who was not only a great American artist in her own right, but whose father was one of the preeminent illustrators of his generation, his exposure to great art increased exponentially.

Influenced not only by the obvious (San Francisco psychedelic-era rock-n-roll posters) but also by the art of Alphonse Mucha, vintage circus, rodeo, and minstrel show posters, Chinese medicine labels, and the notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci, Chipper was drawing posters for his gigs just as soon as he had gigs!

 Chipper usually works quickly and simply with typing paper and pens, collaging photos into the posters, and running off multiples at local copy shops, and splattering them all over Taos. Occasionally, when inspiration strikes or the magnitude of the gig demands it, Chipper will get more elaborate, incorporating more color and sometimes computer graphics.

Chipper is considering producing some limited-edition giclee prints of his more ambitious posters, and after browsing through the selection presented here, please email and let him know if you’d be interested in purchasing signed, limited-edition copies of the posters of BanjoSnake! Enjoy! 


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