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This one should be self-explanatory, folks... this is the dedicated website for my CD with pal Roger Landes, with more than you could ever need concerning the intersection bouzoukis and janissaries...
...and this is the site for the wonderful music camp that Roger dreamed up and directs... if you want to learn more about how to play your bouzouki, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, oud, drum, banjo or sing with your own built-in pipes – not to mention perhaps win a fine instrument or two – this is the site for you!
Kim runs a tight, clean ship with her old-timey honky-tonk band, and I’m proud to be a part of it. Check it out for gig dates, music samples, CDs, bios of my fellow bandmates, and some chilly-cool photos and posters.
I' m also proud to be a member, at least for the time being, of the best alt-goth-hillbilly-folk-rock band in Taos, Bone Orchard! Bios, CDs, show dates... it’s all here!
This is the website of my fine friend and fine artist Dan Enger. You can read an article I wrote about Dan and his work HERE, and feel free to leave a comment or two! Dan and I have a little mutual admiration society going, and I think if you like what I'm doing, you'll probably like what he's doing! Check out them calaveras!
Don Richmond, the maestro! This man helps out more musicians in the northern New Mexico / southern Colorado region than you can shake a stick at. He runs a great recording studio, plays many, many instruments really, really well, fronts the great southwestern dance band The Rifters, is a writer with his own book in print, and an all-around fantastic guy. What would we do without him?
My pal Roger Landes’ own site, with info on his eclectic music, great old photo galleries, lots of info on his collection of unusual instruments, and of course, access to his great music and CDs.
One of the finest of New Mexico’s many writers, a gentleman drinking buddy of mine, and... lo and behold! The designer of this fine website! Click here, give him his due, and then some.
This site is the brainchild of my friend Dan Beimborn, a great mandolinist and great guy. (I played on Dan’s last CD, Torch And Fire, along with TIm O’Brien, Mike Bub, and a whole bunch of great folks!) Here you can find out about your old Gibson mandolin, or about Dan and his music.
My favorite festival of the southwest, and not just because they keep asking me to play! Truly a unique experience, the Thirsty Ear Festival is held outside Santa Fe, New Mexico at a old-west movie ranch, and brings together some of the finest roots musicians in the world. Thirsty Ear also promotes many other concerts during the whole of the year. Whattaya waitin’ for?! Check ‘em out!
Gehrig Fry is a fine friend of mine, and also the genius photographer behind the acclaimed cover of my Penny Dreadfuls CD. He’s now doing great, utterly non-cheesy work with 3-D photographs of national parks and monuments. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.
Connie is like my big sister, and her lovely voice has graced two of my CDs, Strange Lullabies and Penny Dreadfuls... click here to check out her own extensive catalog of recordings and her poetry as well!
What a site! Not only is this site a gateway to info about two fine friends and fellow songwriters Lorne Clarke and Tom Flannery, but these crazy guys have been writing a song a week and giving them away online for years! Wild! Your source for the latest in topical protest songs, and some damn great ones, at that.
John and Viv, the good folks at Art Of The Song, interview world-reknown songwriters for their weekly radio show, and offer sage advice for aspiring songwriters everywhere. A great radio show, and you can click here to find it on a radio station near you, and lots more!
My local, Taos, New Mexico-based guitar builders and repair folks... Scott and Cait will fix ya right up!
Steve down at High Desert Guitars in Santa Fe, New Mexico, runs not only the best guitar shop in Santa Fe, but one of the great ones by anybody’s standards, anywhere in the world. More than worth a stop if you want a truly great instrument.
The website of my friend Dr. Chris Smith, ethnomusicologist at Texas Tech University, Irish tenor banjo shredder and bandleader, and great guy. He’s also much, much smarter than me, the bastard. You’ll also find access to Chris’ band Last Night’s Fun and his beautiful, inspirational, destined-to-be-a-book blog, One Hundred Greats In One Hundred Days.
This one’s Kim’s baby... she was one of the original founders and co-admistrator for years, and what could be better? They provide a safe environment for at-risk kids to learn life skills and re-enter society as productive (but non-robotic) citizens. Incredible. Every town should be so lucky as to have an organization like this.
Steve is a friend and a fine music and political writer for the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper, a most excellent DJ, and a big supporter of my music. His blog’ll do ya good.
One of Taos, New Mexico’s best photographers, and the owner / operator of a great gallery space where I’ve played more than one great acoustic show.
Jennifer’s taken a plethora of great photos year after year at the Thirsty Ear Festival, where I met her, and she took one of my all-time favorites of me and Roger jamming on the Thirsty Ear stage... beautiful stuff, and not just all music shots either.
David is a photographer with a strong interest in music... strong enough that he’s a member of the New Mexico Music Commission and a musician himself. Not to mention his great shots of Kim And The Caballeros at the 2006 Big Barn Dance!
I had the unique experience in February 2001 of playing a guitar made of ice at over 11,000 feet in the Sangre De Christo Mountains of New Mexico. Intrigued? Well, ya should be. Check out the entire wild scene, and order the music, right here.
My buddy Brooks Masten is building some of the finest retro (and I mean really, really retro... back into the 19th century!) banjos around, and I have the second one he ever made, not to mention a ridiculously cool 7-string, minstrel-style guitar banjo that would’ve been right at home on some slow-moving Mississippi paddlewheeler... if you’re into the vintage banjo thing, this is where ya want to be.
The Taos News is the local, once-a-week newspaper serving my artsy little cosmopolitan town here in the mountains... if you’re headed this way and want to check out what’s happening, click here. My own local gigs ought to be listed on my “gigs” page, but if I’m not performing when you’re here (or if I’ve fallen down on the job and the gigs listed are outta date!) you can check out the local music and art scene, as well as all the sordid local political news you can handle, right here.


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